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Hardik Patel’s sex CD to backfire on BJP

Will the sex CD result into political assassination of yet another promising and emerging challenger in Gujarat? It is highly unlikely this time around and the fact that Hardik had himself speculated in advance about emergence of a sex CD to malign h...

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Will humility be calling card of Rahul Gandhi?

Rahul Gandhi is yet again in the news following his back-to-back speeches in the US, said a friend. I just wondered when was Rahul Gandhi not in the news. Let us face it! Rahul Gandhi is and will always be in the news - for right reasons or wrong, fo...

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An interview with a Right Wing troll

Bottom Line: Cuss words, half-baked perspective and ignorant rant…that is the trademark identity of a troll. A troll could be either educated one or the illiterate but the birds of the same feather flock together, mostly in cyber world & social...

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Desperate Facebook resorts to hooliganism

Facebook through its ‘Free Basics’ has been so desperate that it resorts to hooliganism Facebook as a medium of social networking platform has often been used for hooliganism and online bullying by the argumentative Indians. Ignorant rant, half b...

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How PM Modi made a mess of the economy in 20 months

When Narendra Narendra Modi came to power, many of his corporate friends were ecstatic, because they thought the government would move away from the social welfare policies of the UPA. Their belief was strengthened in the 2015 Union Budget which saw ...

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Modi’s opponents playing on his turf

Track2Media Exclusive The very basic of politics, or life for that matter, says one should force the opponent to play on a neutral turf, if not on his own turf. The ruling BJP in general and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in particular is fortunate...

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