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National political parties and psychology of media & Kejriwal

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Arvind Kejriwal, Kejriwal, AAP, Aam Aadmi Party, Delhi Government, Alternative Politics, Congress, AICC, BJP, RSS, Track2Media ResearchThere can be no worse travesty of justice in India’s electoral politics than to create a hype that the Aam Aadmi Party led by Arvind Kejriwal has emerged as an alternative to narendra Modi. Worse even is the propaganda that Kejriwal is now the face of honest politics across the country.

Beyond the fact that Kejriwal’s integrity has been questionable right from the very beginning and beyond the fact that he has no unique vision of economic growth than the tried and tested populism, lies the fact that the only message in his electoral victory has been a wave against the Congress party. And Arvind Kejriwal proved to be smart enough to play with the psychology of the media which needed an element of novelty in the national mainstream.

As a matter of fact, the national media and Arvind Kejriwal are today complementing each other in terms of creating an atmosphere where evoking public sentiment is the sole objective. Does it make Arvind Kejriwal a national leader? Can he be the face of nationally accepted challenge to Centre the way Congress can?

The answer to this question is a counter question in itself—does Kejriwal has that element of novelty to offer across the country which he so smartly played in Delhi? Even in Delhi all the high voltage media orchestrated campaign could not give him a decisive mandate in the firt attempt. In the second attempt the infighting of the BJP, added with his malicipus campaign against the BJP and fear psychosis among Congress voters worked.

Worse even, he had to ally with the same Congress against whom he started his political campaign in the first attempt. It just reminds of the ‘India Shining’ campaign of Atal Behari Vajpaee Government where a section of media went over-board in calling Vajpayee’s term as ‘Golden Era’ of Indian politics.

Unfortunately, the nation does not exist in Delhi nor goes to vote as per the whims and fancies of a few journalists who influence the news room of these TV channels. India is too large and heterogeneous in terms of its local needs, aspirations and political orientation.

And the reasons why national political parties are increasingly losing to the regional parties are precisely the same—they cannot take one stand in one part of the country and contrary stand in other part.

Kejriwal also understands this dilemma and the cunning politician in him is thus avoiding all the relevant national issues and focussing only on the oft-repeated secularism, even at the cost of relegating the corruption agenda to dustbin.

This worked for him to some extent in Delhi, but will definitely not work in the vast heartland where the regional political parties are too deep rooted to address those issues.

More importantly, his evasive stance on core issues like reservation, social justice, Kashmir etc will get exposed soon, and much like the two national parties he will lose out to the regional forces in the process.

The media in the process has been repeatedly trying to force feed the message to the two national political parties that this is the changing face of Indian politics and they need to change. This is media’s sure shot recipe of disaster.

For instance, the Congress party has suffered much worse electoral set-back in the past, be it post the JP Movement or after the VP Singh’s rebellion on alleged corruption in Bofors. If Congress could fight it out and come back strongly, it was because the party did never try to copy the style of JP, Lohiya or VP Singh. Nor should it do now, come what may.

Similarly, the BJP should not be much worried over the media verdict of Kejriwal playing spoiler to the party of Narendra Modi. The world is not lost if BJP lost elections in Delhi. But if the BJP tries to compromise with its core issues and agenda, then definitely it is doom day ahead.

In the past, the comeback of BJP strongman Yedurappa in Karnataka is a strategically more smart move for the BJP then heeding to what media tells the BJP.

After all, the strength of both the national parties are their regional leaders today, and howsoever corrupt or disgraceful they may have been they are repeatedly being elected not by the mercy of media but on the merit of their grass root connect.

To assume that suddenly the conscience of the people has been awakened and they will turn hostile to their political loyalty and opt for a new so-called honest party should be too hypothetical to be believed by the national political parties.

The challenge today for the national political parties is to not get into the trap of copying the style of politics what the media says is now reality. It is not politics of denial, as suggested by the media but it is the politics of not falling into the trap of holier-than-thou kind of politics that should be the focus of the political parties.

By: Ravi Sinha

Markandey Katju exposes the truth about Arvind Kejriwal

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Markandey Katju, Arvind Kejriwal, Track2Media Research, AAP dirty politicsMany people have said that I have some personal grudge against Kejriwal, and that is why I hate him. So let me reply.

I do not personally know Mr. Kejriwal, I have never met him, and have never sought any favour from him ( this can be confirmed from him ).

So where is the question of my harbouring any grudge against him ?

Yes, I hate him, not for personal reasons, but because he is a total fraud, a charlatan, a humbug, a trickster, and a mountebank, with superlative capacity, unequalled by any other Indian politician of today, to dupe and hoodwink the people on a massive scale, and it is time now that such frauds and inveiglers be exposed, otherwise the Indian people will continue to be made suckers.

How does one explain the Kejriwal phenomenon?

Here is a man who a few years back before the Anna Hazare agitation in Delhi was unknown, but has now come out of the blue and is in the limelight. In this article I will try to explain.

AAP came to power in February 2015 with a landslide victory because people in Delhi, as elsewhere in India, were disgusted with the prevailing politics, and wanted a new kind, with leaders honest and dedicated to solving the people’s problems. Kejriwal was projected as an epitome of honesty, a messiah, a modern Moses who will lead the people of Delhi into a land of milk and honey.

I have not heard anything against Kejriwal’s personal financial integrity, but then one never heard anything against Hitler’s financial integrity too. There was never any allegation that Hitler amassed a fortune, and in fact he died penniless. Yet he did great harm to Germany.

I am not comparing Kejriwal to Hitler in other respects. All I am saying is that being personally financially honest is not enough.

After the February 2015 elections, truth started dawning gradually on the people. It became evident that Kejriwal has a dictatorial mindset, which cannot tolerate dissent. After the victory in the Delhi elections he has developed megalomaniac tendencies, and surrounded himself with chamchas.

One of the first steps he took was to unceremoniously kick out the Bhushans and Yogendra Yadav, since they objected to his giving MLA tickets to some shady elements ( perhaps because the latter contributed huge sums to the AAP coffers ). He then allocated a whopping Rs. 536 crores ( 21 times of last years allocation ) in the Delhi budget to self promoting ads. And to keep his flock together he raised the salaries of Delhi MLAs several times.

All this resulted in a rapid drop of the popularity of AAP and Kejriwal. Many former ardent Kejriwal supporters told me that they are now totally disillusioned with AAP.

The truth is that Kejriwal has no solution to the real problems of the people–massive poverty, massive unemployment, massive malnourishment, almost total lack of healthcare, etc.

So what does our friend do to restore his sagging image and keep grabbing the headlines ? He resorts to stunts and gimmicks. He has devised a beautiful modus operandi to befool the public, which may be explained.

He starts a scheme, which is really a stunt, and people of Delhi (who, like people everywhere, are mostly a bunch of gullible, emotional fools), will initially clap loudly and follow him, like the children following the Pied Piper of Hamelin or a Sapnon ka Saudagar. Examples are car free day, going on bicycle (for which arrangements are made to televise it widely) lokpal (which some call Jokepal), etc.

Later, when the shine and glimmer start wearing off, and people see through the realities and start facing the difficulties caused by the scheme, and hostility to it begins, he abandons it and starts a new scheme (i.e. a new stunt) and the same rigmarole and drama begins again.

To give the latest example, the Delhiites, who had initially supported the harebrained odd even scheme, thinking it to be the panacea for their problem of air pollution, are now realizing the immense hardships it is causing, with no significant drop in the air pollution (since car pollution is hardly 1 or 2% of the total air pollution, as the IIT Kanpur report points out). So opposition to the scheme was growing day by day. People have to go for work daily, and not only on odd or even days, and public transport is woefully inadequate.

Realizing this, our Sapnon ka Saudagar has abandoned the scheme and started a new headline grabbing stunt. He has announced the end of the management quota in admissions to private nursery schools.

The people of Delhi will again clap, praise their hero and shout ‘ Sieg Heil ‘ for their Superman, just as Germans did in the 1930s. All this will of course be widely projected by our TRP driven media.

But public opinion is fickle, like the Roman mob at Caesar’s funeral (see Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’), or the bloodthirsty Paris mob at Charles Darnay’s trial (see Dickens’ ‘A Tale of Two Cities’), and after some time the same people who were cheering will be jeering, as the truth dawns on them, which is this :

Private institutions run for profits, not for charity. So the private nurseries may follow the new rules for a short while, but obviously not for long.

Also, if a Minister, Judge, bureaucrat, police officer, income tax official, municipal official, etc asks for an admission, can the school manager decline? If he does, he is likely to face a lot of harassment.

So in no time the management will find out a way of subverting the scheme, and it will remain on paper only

Then Mr. Kejriwal will forget it and begin some other gimmick or caper. He will keep hopping from stunt to stunt, thinking that in this way the people can be deceived for ever.

His latest stunt was his rally in Punjab, where he put on a yellow turban, obviously to look like Sikh, and began his speech by shouting ‘ Bole so Nihaal ‘, and then said he will not let a single farmer commit suicide.

“Farmers in Delhi were given a compensation of Rs. 50,000 per hectare when they lost their crop. I did not let a single farmer commit suicide. Here, farmers are killing themselves as they are not compensated.”

He also said he would check corruption by getting the Badals arrested and sacking those seeking bribes — “Even if my son indulges in corruption, I will throw him out.”

And I am sure many gullible Punjabis will be carried away by this rhetoric and vote for AAP. But Mr. Kejriwal, there is a proverb in English ” You cannot fool all the people all the time “.

By: Markandey Katju

India’s collective intelligence failure with holier-than-thou politics

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By: Ravi Sinha

Crowd, Protest, India Against Corruption, Arvind Kejriwal, Holier than thou politics, Lokpal, Narendra Modi, BJP, Congress, Track2Media ResearchRecently during the course of a discussion over the social media, a Supreme Court lawyer friend reminded me of my stiff resistance to the so-called Second Freedom Movement in the garb of Lokpal launched by Anna Hazare and hijacked by the political opportunist Arvind Kejriwal.

This Supreme Court Attorney wrote, “The biggest asset of neutrality Ravi ji lies in non-performing neutrality. Hope you remember your relentless fight against Kejriwal and his cam followers, wherein you have single handedly unleashed a vitriolic attack on those people who were intoxicated by the neo-romanticism of movement (if at all it was). And immediately you are proved right, when we find that the alleged crusaders are nowhere to be seen today. The search for morality, or the lack of it, is merely the pompous face of an inferiority complex.”

The fact of the matter is that behind the pompous faces asking for corruption free moralist society, it was quite visible that the collective intelligence failure of the nation was leading to a holier-than-thou politics. Anna Hazare’s sudden emergence on the centre stage of national politics arousing mass hysteria may have an element of surprise for post-JP generation. After all, they have not seen the mass movements and hence fail to understand the thin line that bifurcates between a national movement and mob hysteria.

But the serious students of conventional school of political science know how the lack of maturity in collective consciousness can easily arouse popular sentiments with someone taking a moral high ground. India and many other developing countries have been even more vulnerable than matured democracies. However, what makes this retired driver-turned-self styled crusader a case study in modern political science is the fact that his sudden upsurge did reflect a collective intelligence failure of the entire civil society, whom Anna has always claimed to represent.

A political campaign turns out to be a national movement only when strong wave of anti-establishment perception is supplemented by an alternative, better and, more importantly, viable political model in mind. Had Anna Hazare’s well orchestrated media event got that element to be called a revolution?

It is a different matter of debate altogether whether a mob of few thousand can be termed the entire civil society. The nation may got into a high voltage Facebook/Twitter discussion on whether Lokpal has been a panacea to the evils of corruption, or academicians started debate whether parliament or any other pressure group in the country will make the law; the core issue of corruption never remained in the spotlight in this cacophony.

It seems the entire nation for some time was driven by a “heard hypothesis” where people were not bothered as to their outburst was at what cost and for whose benefit. The cost-benefit analysis of this media stunt indicates some smart operators of this campaign were the only beneficiaries, though such theatrics has a short shelf life as time proved it.

When I first said collective intelligence failure, I was pretty conscious of the fact that I was inviting some more hate mails calling me anti-national and traitor, some more Facebook comments calling me names, and a journalist as then ruling party agent. However, the fact of the matter is that such knee jerk reactions only strengthened my conviction that nation at that critical juncture was reflecting a collective intelligence failure where Anna Hazare was just the symbol of that malaise.

Let’s face the facts. Corruption in a capitalist economy of a developing nation is an issue and will always be, Lokpal or no Lokpal. But whether it will become a national election issue is a questionable proposition in a society where we enjoy transactional corruption in day-to-day lives and cry foul over collusive corruption at the power and policy level.

The bigger issue to be probed is why such a mobocracy was not nipped in the bud. While a 73-year-old rigid man with a childish ‘my way or highway’ attitude seemed to have kept the entire democratic process and constitution on gun point, this lack of intelligence made one of the largest democracies in the world on a ransom call, and a matter of ridicule for the western powers who were always apprehensive of Indian GDP growing at their cost.

When a larger conspiracy against country’s democratic process was being planned in the name of ‘India Against Corruption’, with a moral high ground, of course, what was the intelligence machinery of the country doing? Why did not it get noticed that people behind this so-called noble cause had alternate channel of foreign funds in their NGOs?

Intelligence officials admit that they could not see this coming, though they had warned the Government of the larger conspiracy coming in post-Ramdev episode. However, this will go as an intelligence failure number one in the history of India’s crisis with political transition.

The second intelligence failure, and the most glaring one, had been by the then ruling establishment, both at the party level and the government level. In the absence of any real grass root leader in the think tank, the Congress Party and the UPA Government kept groping in the dark and took one step forward and two backwards. All their counter-offensive experiments, including hobnobbing with Ramdev, fall flat on their faces.

In this intelligence failure number two, a small time political blackmailing was given legitimacy by none other than the government itself. Why did the government allow a small group of holier-than-thou team to be part of India’s policy making? If engaging the civil society was the objective, there should have been a diverse set of civil society groups to have the real meeting of minds and aspirations. This could also have served the purpose of check & balance in the event of political blackmailing. But it was more of applicable intelligence failure on their part and hence they eventually suffered with a “foot in the mouth” syndrome.

The third glaring intelligence failure, something that once threatened to derail the future democratic process in India, had been by the opposition parties, mainly the BJP. In their quest to topple the UPA Government, backed by their masters in the RSS, their intelligence failed to see the larger picture ahead and hence created a Frankenstein monster in Arvind Kejriwal post Anna Hazare’s realisation that how he was just being used by his own protege. The BJP is today paying the price of it in Delhi and Kejriwal’s well-orchestrated media stunts are BJP’s insult to injury now.

All that the BJP could see at that point of time was a beneficial move in the short term, without realising the heavy price that the party and the nation had to bear in the long term. No democratically elected government, including that of BJP, can afford a rigid civilian old-man with a ‘my way or highway’ stand come in the way of policy making. But their intelligence failure drove them to attempt at creating their own Bhindranwale, that too in the national politics. Today, many BJP leaders privately admit that Kejriwal is too big an embarrassment to Modi Government and the party.

Fourth failure in intelligence was noticed in media which seemed to have forgotten its objectivity and acted as a party to mob inciting. Asking people to react by displaying the Facebook/Twitter ids of Team Anna, media got into a rat race to outscore over the rival channels. Well, the TRP game one can understand, but very much like public outburst such TRPs are easy to get but difficult to sustain. In exchange, media lost its credibility and had this theatrics succeeded in derailing the democracy, media might have been the worst to suffer.

Had your collective wisdom failed to see that this ‘my way or highway’ brand of blackmail politics, if having allowed to grow, could have led to your censorship as well? Why did not you find a single voice of dissent to Anna’s childish behaviour? It is a gang rape to the very ethics of journalism when a media trial takes place in television studio with carefully selected three panelists from Anna Hazare camp and only one against the move.

Will somebody please define whether a crowd of few thousands, making a mockery of law & order can be termed as unprecedented national movement? Did Mahatma Gandhi or Jai Prakash Narain had the luxury of media budget, Twitter/Facebook to incite the mob and gather crowd? Still, lakhs and lakhs of supporters had taken to streets. This is because they not only had a valid reason, but also an alternative, viable and better establishment to offer.

The fifth intelligence failure had been of the ‘Aam Admi’ who would have suffered the most. Howsoever fancy he might be finding the idea of a plebiscite democracy, the fact remains that it is his emotional outburst against corruption that had been channelized by the smart operators in this whole bloody game. Most of the crowd on the road had absolutely no idea what is the basic difference between Lokpal and Jan Lokpal. Everyone seems to have been nursing his own fantasy of a better society the Anna way.

Having said this, intellectuals who were on the other side of the debate and didn’t subscribe Anna Hazare’s method or the madness, are equally to be blamed for being a mute spectator.

Today, Anna has lost whatever moral high ground or credibility he might be having, and Kejriwal being reduced to a Delhi level politician whose only craft is Abusing & Accusing. But the whole episode has left many learning for a society eager for recognition, the lack of which often leads to public sentiments boiling down to mass hysteria.

In a nutshell, it has been the failure of India as a matured democracy. And it has never been about just one Bill. Had this political theatrics succeeded or the government been forced to grant the largesse, by tomorrow there would have been demand for many more such legislations by undemocratic means, by various other pressure groups in the country. And that could have been the beginning of the end of Indian democracy. Sadly, the collective intelligence seems to have not taken any lesson even now, and that threatens to spell doom for India.

Drop the ineffective ‘odd-even’ rule and implement other more effective measures

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Change.org petition by: Sriram Iyer

Friends, Delhians, countrymen, lend me your ears….

Traffic Mess, Delhi Odd Even Car Pool, Arvind Kejriwal, Change.org, AAP, Pollution, Track2Media ResearchThere is a new ‘pagla Tughlak’ ruling Delhi: ‘Kejriwal – the crazy fella’. Let us hope other cities don’t blindly adopt his well intentioned but ludicrous rule. Here’s why this rule will do nothing to reduce pollution but will make it worse: Those who may begin to take public transportation, as a result of this rule will soon realize its inadequacies in connectivity, safety or comfort and will constantly be looking for alternates: the less fortunate will resort to 2-wheelers (16 times more polluting than a car and auto-rickshaws (which are several times worse than 2 wheelers, while those who can afford it will take taxis or if they have an additional parking space – will buy a second car. All of these alternates will serve to increase pollution.

We haven’t even begun to consider other impacts such as increased corruption, police harassment, fake license plates (and the resultant complications in accidents or crime), the loss of productivity, the inconvenience and stress of restricted freedom of movement.

Not only does this silly rule defeat the original purpose, it places the additional cost burden and social impacts on the common man without commensurate benefits that can be expected of such broad and painful trade-offs.

There are other high impact and less painful solutions: 1. Improving emission standards and the inspection and enforcement (especially for older vehicles, trucks, auto-rickshaws, roadside bonfires, wood stoves, burning of waste and factories); 2. Setting taxes based on emission level of the vehicles and factories and cutting import duties for electric vehicles; 3. Improve fuel standards; 4. Increase taxes on fuel; 5. Implement congestion pricing; 6. Rewrite development control regulations to recreate better cities with proper water supply and sewage handling infrastructure for high density living with more high rise buildings where commercial, recreation and living spaces in close proximity to each other to minimize commuting distance, save time and increase productivity for everyone.

The best way to obtain behaviour modification from the populace is a carrot and stick approach – financial incentives and disincentives can actually tackle and solve this immense problem of pollution. It would also be wise to avoid measures that make for an unhappy and angry electorate – which would bust all progress at the next balloting.

We must, above all judiciously and without wastage or theft, use the Government’s already enormous tax revenue and the increased revenue from the above measures to implement modern urban planning and to subsidize and improve the frequency, connectivity, comfort and safety of public transportation systems.

I am sure if the right minds are brought together we can come up with a million other great ideas but let us come together and campaign to drop this odd ‘odd-even’ rule.

PS: Delhi – as the National Capital – please don’t mess this up as other cities and equally uninformed CMs are looking up to you and will grab the chance to implement any short sighted short cuts.

PPS: Please share this post as far and wide as you can and sign the change.org petition: My Masters degree in Transportation Engineering had nothing to do with the above common sense suggestions that are on the lips of every Indian watching Kejriwal’s mindless farce play out.