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Will humility be calling card of Rahul Gandhi?

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Bottom Line: After having weathered unfair criticism, mockery, and personality assassination, Rahul Gandhi still seems to be determined to make humility in politics his calling card. Will it work in a hostile political environment?

Rahul Gandhi, AICC, Congress Party, Congress Vice President, Sonia Gandhi, Leader of opposition, Indian politics, Indian Government, Track2Media Research, Ravi Sinha Rahul Gandhi is yet again in the news following his back-to-back speeches in the US, said a friend. I just wondered when was Rahul Gandhi not in the news. Let us face it! Rahul Gandhi is and will always be in the news – for right reasons or wrong, for making a mistake or being labeled to have made one, for admitting that he is not perfect or to be blamed for not being a perfect politician.

Thanks to a generation of BJP politicians in general and BJP’s man-of-the-moment and best orator Narendra Modi in particular, Rahul Gandhi is always in discussion. Rahul knows it. Having weathered back-to-back personal tragedies of losing grandmother in early childhood and then losing father in early adulthood, the man knows that what it takes to be the first family of a political party in a country like India. For him, power is hence an illusion.

This is what has shaped his personality, something that gives ammunition to the critics to allege that Rahul is a reluctant politician. That may or may not be true but the humility of Rahul Gandhi today definitely makes him a mystery wrapped in an enigma. No one knows for sure whether he intends to be heir apparent to the legacy of Prime Ministers in family or he would just be the head of the party.

It is easy to dismiss Rahul as a man who despite of pedigree lacks the charisma. But then had this been the case who would have known it better than the BJP. And if the BJP knows it, instead of pretending to know it and mock around, they would not have invested so much (money, material, manpower and machinery online) to discredit Rahul as and when he opens his mouth.

It is indeed a peculiar case study of Indian politics that when Rahul opens his mouth (alleged by BJP to be kiddish, pappu as they say) the BJP has to field a battery of spokespersons, including top ministers and functionaries, to run from one TV news station to another to repeat that no one takes Rahul Gandhi seriously.

Having invested so much into the personality assassination of Rahul Gandhi, the BJP knows the advantages of managing the personality profile of Rahul Gandhi in the collective consciousness. Even the Prime Minister Modi himself has mocked Rahul so many times with distorted statements of what he actually said.

When Rahul says Pineapple, Modi mocks it as coconut just to mock Rahul Gandhi and cold storage for potatoes is referred as Rahul’s ignorance to call factory to produce potatoes. It is a different matter that Modi can never take on Rahul in a face-to-face debate, as the BJP knows about the educational background of Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi. BJP is also conscious of the fact that being an excellent orator Modi is a heavyweight to Rahul as long it is monologue and not dialogue.

Rahul Gandhi has still never boasted that he is superior in terms academics or the intellectual depth. He has also never invested in mocking at Modi or any other opposition leader. No one has ever heard any abusive slang coming out of Rahul. He seems to believe in introspection and can go to the extent of criticizing his own government if he finds fault. Remember UPA II when he criticized ordinance to save the tainted lawmakers.

His public statement in admitting that Congress needed to learn the art of grass root campaign from Arvind Kejriwal’s party also reflects his humility to give the devil his due. But no! In today’s high voltage media orchestrated reality show called politics, these traits were termed as childish jibe of a man who does not understand politics.

Rahul has weathered all the criticism, fair and foul, but has never lost his cool or patience. He is also conscious of the fact that with a legacy of being ruling class, he has a heavy baggage of past mistakes committed by the party men, unlike Modi who does not have the weight of any such baggage at the national level. Modi is also more street smart than Rahul to manage his baggage of Gujarat in the public perception.

Rahul’s personality reflects all this and much more. He is hence a mystery wrapped in an enigma for the large section of Indians whose ideas & opinion are goaded by what is served to them through the information over-dose on TV News and social media.

Isn’t it a time to decode the myth and reality of Rahul Gandhi? Let’s first look at some of the myths created around him:

Rahul Gandhi is a reluctant politician and heir apparent who simple doesn’t know what he wants for himself

Rahul Gandhi is too kiddish to be labeled as Pappu

Whenever Rahul opens his mouth Congress loses public sympathy & votes; even facts are wrong with him

He often reads his speeches in the Parliament

He leaves country for vacations as and when there is some serious debate in or outside Parliament

In contrast to the above allegations, the coin of reality has another face as well. Some of the striking pointers:

Greedy to be in power & position has more often than not given the world dictator kind of rulers, India at present being no exception

Rahul might not be as good orator as Modi but has never misled the nation with distorted facts or statistics

Rahul Gandhi publicly admits that he is not perfect and makes mistake, unlike Narendra Modi who makes mistakes and repeats that like a stubborn despot

Rahul does not have journalists on his side to term every blunder as next masterstroke

Rahul doesn’t lose patience even when criticised; nor has he ever left a debate/interview just because he has been grilled

Rahul takes it with humility even when vested interests in media are unfair to question him for the failures of the Modi government 

There are enough instances to suggest that Rahul Gandhi is more democratic, has better idea of inclusive society, and has more humility than the man who has come out of humble background but nevertheless behaves like a ‘Royal Monarch’.

Why is the real Rahul Gandhi not taking the center stage then? The answer probably lies in his humility to not ruffle the feathers of a coterie of ‘vested interests’ around him. It is not in the nature of these old timers in politics to let Rahul come out of the closet and mix with the grass root workers. And it is also not in the nature of Rahul to throw out people around him that easily.

It would be interesting to see whether Rahul changes a bit and becomes less democratic within the Congress Party at the top to be more democratic at the bottom. That is something that will define the destiny of grand old Congress Party and the future of India. Till then Rahul Gandhi remains what he is – mystery to many, pappu to critics and a man that seems to be struggling within self to become what probably is not there in his temperament—assertive, authoritative and ruthless.

By: Ravi Sinha

An interview with a Right Wing troll

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Bottom Line: Cuss words, half-baked perspective and ignorant rant…that is the trademark identity of a troll. A troll could be either educated one or the illiterate but the birds of the same feather flock together, mostly in cyber world & social media, as they prefer to be faceless. In real life, most of us assume them to be normal till the time their intolerance, hatred & venom for contrarian viewpoints is exposed. 

Troll, Right Wing Troll, Modi BhaktAfter having interviewed almost anyone and everyone who matters and who has any claim to fame as the newsmaker, the journalist in me often felt something missing. What is that one set of disruptive newsmaker that I have not interviewed? Have I failed as a journalist to give due importance to a set of people who are covertly contributing to the socio-political network of the nation?

It has been with this thought that I decided to interview someone that is referred in the social media as a troll. But the troll is not someone who is only active on the social networking sites. No! Don’t underestimate the nuisance value of a troll in real life either. He can surface anywhere and everywhere with the trademark intolerance of a right wing. Their poor cousins are found in the left wing as well, even though much less paid/unpaid and even surviving with lesser recognition.

An educated & not paid for troll is no less dangerous than the uneducated and semi-educated paid trolls. They can twist any fact and are masters of the business of photo shop to prove a point.

Ladies & gentlemen! He we bring you to the show a right wing troll. Please give him a round of applause for the courage that he has shown in coming forward for this interview.

Ravi Sinha: Mr Troll! Welcome to the show. I appreciate that you got ready to come out of faceless identity with this interview.

Troll: Oh! Thank you. Credit goes to you. After all, you are the one to recognize the true worth of me.

Ravi Sinha: So, you mean your political bosses whom you idolize don’t recognize and acknowledge your contribution.

Troll: You bloody journalist! Don’t angry me. You don’t understand the nuisance value of a troll. I have choicest of words to say when someone talks like this.

Ravi Sinha: Ok. Ok. Sorry sir! Before we proceed for this interview I think let us draw a line. It will keep the interview healthy and entertaining for the audience.

Troll: Why not! My lines are always drawn and are non negotiable. But it is the journalists who need to draw it for their own mental peace and professional dignity.

Me: Point taken sir. So, I will not use any derogatory term like ‘illiterate’, ‘bhakt’, ‘retard’ ‘communal’ ‘linear thought’ etc and you will also restrain from abusing on this show.

Troll: You can call me all this, whatever you fee like. I don’t mind till you don’t cross my defined line and provoke me to call you ‘presstitute’, ‘dalaal’ or ‘paid media’.

Ravi Sinha: And where do you find the line that I should not cross?

Troll: You will not dare to defame or say anything derogatory against my political lord. For me he is like incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He has been sent on earth to convert India into a golden bird yet again. If you abuse my parents or me, I may still tolerate but no slang against my political lord.

Ravi Sinha: Who else is in your family?

Troll: I have a brother.

Ravi Sinha: And what is he doing?

Ravi Sinha: What will he do sir? Poor guy is wasting his life as a Left Wing troll. But no one understands or rewards him for his enterprise. I told him so many times to join me but then his education in JNU has finished his nationalistic fire. He is basically anti-national.

Ravi Sinha: Enterprise? So, you mean you are being paid for this?

Ravi Sinha: Yes! But more than the money it is my social service, my devotion, and my contribution to the nation. There are many in this troll fraternity who are not being paid and yet they work religiously. Some of them are well placed professionals in their respective fields.

Ravi Sinha: Do you have any peak season or this is a round-the-year kind of service?

Troll: Very interesting question. You seem to be a very intelligent journalist. See, we are active throughout the year but come elections and we get hyper active with over-time duty. Even otherwise, whenever our political lord faces some criticism for his policies we start working in round-the-clock shift. You blame his policies and I will make sure you face the insult and abuses.

Ravi Sinha: Why don’t you counter the opposing viewpoint with logic and sanity?

Troll: What nonsense! Journalists are actually idiots to not understand our life. Do you mean I have that much time to read and frame the answers after thorough research? Most of us listen half, understand quarter and then give back the response in double or triple. It is an art & craft in itself. It is better to scare the opponents and mostly they get lost after one or two hard-hitting comments.

Ravi Sinha: Do you have a face or you are always faceless?

Troll: It depends upon assignment to assignment and is always need-based. We are actually hydra headed monsters, one original face, other fake profile and many fake followers. You go to cyber cell to complain and most often the Internet IP address will be one public place from where many people are trolling. Moreover, cyber crime cell does not have guts to enter the premises of our political party. 

Ravi Sinha: But how can one recognize a troll? I mean how to make out who is a troll and who is not.

Troll: Cross the line and you will find out. I am omnipresent in the cyber space. Even in our real life most of the people having contrarian views prefer to be safe than sorry.

Ravi Sinha: Don’t you think Mr Troll this is intolerance to not let others have a different view point?

Troll: What intolerance? We are ultra nationalists. You better ask sensible questions. You are close to crossing the line now. Beware! I am warning you in advance.

Ravi Sinha: But ultra nationalism has historically been the genesis of fascism?

Troll: Where were you when the sickulars (seculars) and libtards (liberals retards) were ruining this country? We are determined to bring back the glory of our Vedic age.

Ravi Sinha: May be I was not born then. My mistake. Any way, but who gives you the authority to take law into your own hands? There is police, judiciary and rule of law.

Troll: Our constitution and laws are fake and should be declared redundant. It was framed by the sickular retards that robbed the interests of the majority community. We will not tolerate such laws that allow freedom to say anything or act against our motherland.

Ravi Sinha: Do you have any alternative constitutional model in mind?

Troll: We have an ideological think-tank where such ideas are shaped. They groom us and shape our impressionable minds with hard-hitting nationalistic thoughts.

Ravi Sinha: Do they give you some kind of training? I mean this sounds like a very specialized kind of enterprise.

Troll: Yes! But that is a top secret. I can share the tricks of the trade. If you are now really impressed with me then you should quit journalism to join us. I will ensure that with your kind of caliber you are groomed as a top class troll.

Ravi Sinha: No! I am quite happy in media.

Troll: Not an issue! Our support base in media is no less significant. The troll journalists are increasing day after the day. They don’t follow the news rulebook but bhakti rhymes of our political lord. Just follow our guidelines.

Ravi Sinha: Don’t you feel bad when your ideological think-tank shakes hand with those whom you are trained to despise?

Troll: Now you are yet again crossing the line. It is called pragmatic idealism stupid. Once anyone joins us we immediately revoke the anti-national tag and declare him a purified national.

Ravi Sinha: Who is your national hero? Gandhi or Godse? Please keep in mind that even your political lord claims on foreign land that he has come from the land of Gandhi and Buddha and not Godse.

Troll: That is a debatable question and it will take time before the real heroes like Bose and Sardar Patel will get prominence.

Ravi Sinha: Don’t you think that Patel or Bose are Congress leaders and along with Nehru they used to call each other comrades with left leanings and socialism being their trademark? Why is there so much of intellectual shallowness on the other side of political divide?

Troll: You will not understand all this. Indian history has been written by the sickulars and libtards. Now come back to the topic of the interview if you don’t want to be insulted.

Ravi Sinha: Ok. The way your political lord abuses the opposition one day and embraces some of them the next day for alliance, it might have been very embarrassing for you. I mean is there any shame or morality left in him? And I am just talking about the conduct in political life and not personal life. I may also ask you whether one can be Alexander at work and Chimpanzee in personal life.

Troll: You bloody moron! As^%#$! *&%@$* You are a presstitute, a media monkey, a paid journalist, a dalaal…. I will send you to Pakistan you bloody anti-national….

The interview ends abruptly. Sorry for the inconvenience…

Next: I will try to interview political orientation of another Right Wing troll.

Congress blames an agenda-less PM Modi to declassify Netaji files

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Congress, AICC, Congress Party, BJP, Communal Politics, Indian politics, Track2Media ResearchThe BJP, and its ideological masters, the RSS claim they are nationalists, but have no leaders who they can claim played a constructive role in the freedom struggle. Their lack of a legacy has forced them to try and appropriate the legacy of Congress stalwarts like Sardar Patel, Neta ji Subhas Chandra Bose and Babasaheb Dr BR Ambedkar.

It is an old BJP-RSS tactic, which, unfortunately, overlooks the fact that former Congress President Sardar Patel banned the RSS following the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi.

The declassification of Netaji files has been done with an eye on the forthcoming West Bengal elections. In the past, they have tried to lay claims on the legacy of Shri Biju Patnaik in Orissa, Ch. Devi Lal in Haryana and Ch. Charan Singh in Uttar Pradesh.

They even tried to appropriate the legacy of Babasaheb Dr BR Amdedkar and Kanshi Ram, despite the fact that the BJP government is openly pushing an anti-Dalit and anti-poor agenda, which was exposed by the expulsion of Rohith Vemula and his subsequent suicide at the Hyderabad Central University.

The BJP-RSS have long tried to appropriate the word Nationalism, despite promoting a divisive agenda. They are unwilling to acknowledge that India is a plural country, whose true strength is its diversity and ability to accept every opinion.

India is unique in the world, where completely differing identities can come together and forge a nation that is democratic, equal and just. The BJP is trying to destroy this by spreading hatred. They must be stopped before they destroy the idea of India.