Congress blames Modi Government for murder of democracy on Republic Day


Congress leaders meet President Pranab Mukherjee, Delegation against Modi Government, President Rule, Track2Media ResearchThe Congress party has blamed Modi Government for the murder of democracy by the Modi Government on Reupblid Day. The party blames the Modi Government celebrated India’s 67th Republic Day by using the Office of Governor, JP Rajkhowa to topple the democratically elected Government in Arunachal Pradesh, which came to power with a 4/5th majority. It invoked Article 356 and imposed President’s Rule in the State.

Just a few months after Shri Narendra Modi made a grand show in Parliament of ‘reaffirming his faith in the Constitution’, the Governor, the BJP and the Central government conspired to destabilize a democratically elected State government. The Governor’s unstated agenda was to help the BJP create a Constitutional crisis by distorting the Law.

He openly supported the demand of BJP MLAs and dissident Congress MLAs to dismiss the duly elected Speaker of the House and State Government, and ignored the fact that the sitting Chief Minister still held a majority in the Assembly.

In the wake of the actions of the Governor, the Congress Party first moved the High Court, which quashed the No Confidence motion against the sitting Congress Chief Minister. The HC further reprimanded the Office of the Governor for behaving in a “partisan manner”.

This crisis was created by the political machinations of the Governor, who has close links with the RSS. After creating this crisis, he then wrote to the Central Government recommending President’s Rule. This is BJP’s idea of ‘Cooperative Federalism’.  It seems more like ‘Coercive Federalism.’

By destabilising a democratically elected government the BJP is playing a dirty game. With China making claims on Arunachal Pradesh, and drugs & counterfeit currency being pushed through the porous borders, the Union Government should be working with the State Government, not against it.


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