About Us

A consortium of journalists

Track2Media was borne out of a desire to create an alternative media platform far away from the conventional media norms. Out-of-box thinking has always been our forte and we are known for taking the roads less travelled by. This unconventional than traditional in approach is our market differentiator. But then Track2Media is not a corporate media group in the conventional sense of the term. It is a consortium of journalists and other communication professionals coming out of the mainstream media with a passion, renewed focus and professional exposure.

Track2Media is focused to a specific niche audience who don’t get free, frank and fearless communication with the mainstream media. The audience loyalty index suggests that we are the 1st choice for them. We are here to explore how to communicate with the target audience in the language that they understand the best.

Track2Media X Factor

News and for that matter any form of media is also about creating a community around the media vehicle. The success of social networking sites clearly indicate that community oriented niche segment is the new potential zone to emerge. The days of monologue with the TG are over. It is always better to initiate dialogue with the audience, get the feedback and channelize that resource for media advocacy and activism. 

Track2Media Positioning 

Track2Media positions itself as an independent media company which is not competing in a cluttered market. We have evolved our own serious business strategy and hence able to create a community around us. This positioning has also brought a sea change identity in a short span of time because we seriously practice the standards and ethics of journalism.

We have consciously avoided replicating the model of the existing successful ventures.  After closely examining the evolving media market in the country, we are determined to write our own success story, instead of being someone’s Xerox version.